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Join the Echoes of an African War mailing list

Echoes of an African War is now a well established web site. We are the premier Rhodesian cultural history site on the world wide web and we are endeavoring to make the site more attractive each month. The site has changed so much over the past four months and is likely to grow considerably before Chas' book is released in September 1999. In order to better communicate with our readers, to give you the updates and information about this site as efficiently as possible, we are proud to announce the creation of the Echoes list server.

In effect, we have created a mailing list to which you may subscribe. The list will serve as an interactive forum for readers of Echoes of an African War as well as be the vehicle by which our list members will be informed of changes and additions to the site. List membership is invited on this understanding:

1) The list is open to anyone who finds the subject matter of the Echoes of an African War web site interesting.

2) This list is not a sounding board or promotional forum for divisive ideologies and extremist political viewpoints of any kind.

3) The list is not moderated, but it is a condition of the host that no postings of a perverse, immoral, blasphemous or crude nature should be made to the list.

Joining the list is easy ~ click on the link below

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