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The art work of Nick Skipworth Michell

Our next featured artist is Nick Skipworth-Michell.  Nick's sketches and drawings are photo-realistic and deserve the praise that has been heaped on them.  Contact Nick Skipworth-Michell for further information regarding his art works.

nsmtroopie.jpg (9438 bytes)

This sketch of a patrolling soldier was used on the first Echoes of an African War web page.  The soldier's combat dress displayed here is authentic of the period.









nsmgen.jpg (12525 bytes)

Nick's portrait of General "Derry" McIntyre.











nsmpilot.jpg (11729 bytes)

A Rhodesian Air Force pilot as seen by Nick.












nsmtroop2.jpg (15698 bytes)

A Rhodesian soldier caught in a pensive mood.  The weapon depicted here is the Belgian FN-FAL assault rifle.












nsmrli.jpg (11316 bytes)

A soldier of the Rhodesian Light Infantry.  The seemingly casual attire belied the thoroughly professional fighting attitudes of this elite unit.







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