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Rhodesian Roll of Honour

1965 - 1980

The Roll of Honour published below is an attempt to record the names of the men who were killed in action whilst serving Rhodesia in one of her armed forces. The details are taken from exiting books on the Rhodesian war, but there are probably mistakes and omissions. We will do everything in our power to rectify such errors and welcome any assistance to make good the record of Rhodesian dead. We have to treat this task with dignity and a degree of seriousness. We cannot afford any insensitivity, so we ask, therefore, that submissions for inclusion in the roll of honour include some kind of substantiating evidence. This may be a photocopy of an official newspaper death notice or similar evidence. If there is any doubt as to the procedure to be followed, please contact the webmaster. Please note that we reserve the right to submit claims to anyone of the Rhodesian associations and veterans groups for further verification.

It is Chas Lotter's intention to include the Rhodesian Roll of Honour in Echoes of an African War on the solemn condition that the Roll of Honour is as accurate and complete as humanly possible.

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