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Another view of the "Pig". The Selous Scouts made good use of the "Pig" and other vehicles in flying column attacks. The heavy armament carried on this vehicle is clearly evident. In addition to the 20mm Hispano cannon, the "Pig" carried two swivel - mounted Belgian MAG machine guns.



The apparent informality of the Selous Scouts belied their effectiveness as a military unit. In the bush, there was no need of starched uniforms and parade ground appearances. The men are sitting on a captured ammunition box.





The Rhodesian army captured vast quantities of weapons, ammunition and equipment from the insurgents. Whenever practical, captured equipment was carefully gathered up and sent back to the various unit barracks where the items would be checked over and added to the Rhodesian army's inventory. The weapons and equipment pictured here were gathered together after one particularly large contact, and include AK-47 and SKS assault rifles, RPD machine guns, RPG-7 rocket propelled grenade launchers, land mines, grenades, spare magazines, explosives, medical equipment and thousands of rounds of ammunition.