A new book on the Rhodesian Bush War

Chas Lotter, the author of Rhodesian Soldier, is looking for photographs, sketches and paintings of the Rhodesian War to put in his new book, Echoes of an African War.

Echoes will tell the story of a troopie's experiences from basic training until the 1980 election and after. Chas feels that everyone who served in the Rhodesian forces, whether it was with the Army, Air Force, Police, Intaf; whether he was regular or territorial, can relate to the events and emotions in Echoes and, therefore, their photos can help illustrate the poems.

The troopie's story will be told in chronological sequence using alternating pages of photos and poems.

People who own a copy of the scarce and long out of print Rhodesian Soldier will remember how effectively the combination of genuine period photographs and his poetry brought back to life the daily experiences of anyone who served in the Rhodesian forces.

Chas also strongly feels that much of the Rhodesian history and heritage that should be recorded and preserved is slowly being lost in the uproar of people moving from place to place around the world or, even worse, being trashed when Rhodesians die.

Over a year has been allocated to the search for photos (March 1998 to April 1999) as Chas feels that no stone should be left unturned in the effort to find exactly the right photos.

He points out that he needs all photos; not just action shots, but also the mundane and the everyday; not just the picture snapped after the contact when the sarge wasn't looking but also life in the bush, in camp, in the bases and even just "me and my mate Joe".

He maintains that when Echoes of an African War is published in September 1999, it will be a lasting and fitting tribute to the Rhodesian serviceman which will make echoes in the memory of every reader who was there.

Chas will collect photos from South African and Zimbabwe residents by hand or by courier, get their photos scanned into the computer and returned, by hand or by courier, within thirty days.

Contributors from other countries are urged not to entrust their precious memories to the vagaries of any postal system but, instead, to have their photos computer scanned in the appropriate format (at Chas' expense) and sent on in that form.

All contributors will receive a free, complimentary copy of Echoes.

Contact Chas Lotter

or write to him at: PO Box 114, Irene, 0062, South Africa

Help preserve Rhodesian history - contribute to a great book!

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