Rhodesian Roll of Honour

The  Rhodesian Roll of Honour has never before been published. We are most grateful to Professor J.R.T. Wood from the University of Durban-Westville for making this important document available to us.

The Rhodesian Roll of Honour offered here is definitely not complete.  We suspect that there are perhaps a FEW HUNDRED names that are not on this roll. We invite readers to help in the task of finalising this text. Any errors or omissions that are noted, can be corrected by e mailing the Curator of the roll. Where there are names omitted, we would ask that as complete details as possible be included as well as some kind of authentication. This is a very sensitive task and we do not wish to upset anyone through publishing incorrect information. 

Please note that updates to the Roll of Honour are not likely to be reflected here more  than once a quarter.  We have a careful system of cross-checking in place as we have to ensure accuracy of the documents entrusted to us.   We ask for your understanding in this matter.

The roll of honour is available in two formats: alphabetical and chronological. In addition, there is an short list of amendments which we will display until 30 April 1999.   We request that you check the amendments notes for accuracy.  After 30 April, the amendments will be incorporated into the original Roll of Honour.   Click on the bar(s)  below to enter the Rhodesian Roll of Honour of your choice.

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